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The People series started with the drawing 'People' in 2011 which was selected for the 2011 Jerwood drawing prize. Each piece depicts a crowd in a moment of shared experience. Witnessing an event or force greater than ourselves, we are open to appreciate our insignificance, despite our great and ever increasing number. Showing both the comfort and safety felt in unity the images also suggest our alienation from one another, our vulnerability and singularity. The textures and optical impact of the clusters and breaks in the waves of people invites the viewer to become 'lost' in the texture and pattern of the image, despite the human subject matter, challenging how we are able to view ourselves; as one, or as many.

With the progression into painted pieces the introduction of colour, sometimes very bold and vivid has allowed the aesthetic to develop. The positioning of each individual person is vital to the overall aesthetic, no one shade of colour, not one tone can be out of place, each individual is crucial to the whole.

It is important that each piece is seen from a distance and taken as a whole image, as a form in itself. The 'swarm' of people, creates something other, at the same moment the individual building blocks can be appreciated.

Each person is counted and the number recorded.




John Moores Painting Prize, Liverpool, OPENING 05/07/14

Connecting Worlds, UBM Building, London, 2013/14

Working on the Inside, Drawing Room, London, 2013

Alter, Vegas Gallery, London, 2012

Art in Mind, Bricklane Gallery, London, 2012

Jerwood Drawing Prize, Jerwood space, London 2011.

Touring: Burton Art Gallery & Museum, Bideford 2012

Lanchester Gallery, Coventry 2012

Bayart, Cardiff 2012

Concept and Artwork for animated short ‘Marvin’ 2011
To date shown in or selected for upcoming film festivals in Dresden, Stuttgart, Toronto, San Diego, London, New York, Michigan, Seattle, Ottawa….

Knapp Gallery, Regents Park, London, 2010

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, USA, 2010